Compensation Plan

When you become a WorldVentures Representative, you are rewarded for selling the line of travel products.  You are also rewarded for recruiting others and building your own sales organisation.

Direct Commission

It occurs when you personally make a DreamTrip membership sale. Typical commissions average about $20 each sale.

Personal Sales Bonus

With six sales, you receive a personal sales bonus of $250 cash and $100 in training dollars which is simply money that can be applied towards any company training program you wish to attend. This happens every 6 sales you make, so for every $120 you make, you also make $250 cash and $100 training credit.

Weekly Team Building Cycle Bonus

Binary compensation plans rely on your left and right team matching up. When they do 3 on the left and 3 on the right of DreamTrip membership, you receive a $100 bonus for that cycle. You can cycle between 20-30 times each day, leading to some big earnings. Plus, during the first two months, the cycle bonus is $200.

Residual Income

At every sixth cycle, you earn between $20 and $40 in residual income, meaning the more you cycle, the more you earn in bonuses, commissions and residuals.

Travel Dollars

At every sixth cycle, you also earn $100 Travel Dollars which can be used to book travel through Rovia for you or anyone in your immediate family.

Representative Business System

All Representative Applicants must purchase the RBS. This online system includes a Personalized Website, a Back Office Business Website, Online Training, and access to Sales and Marketing Tools. This non-commissioned product purchase is required to become a WorldVentures Representative.

Become a Representative